Girls Varsity Gymnastics · Varsity Gymnastics at Connersville HS

  Place Points
Connersville High School 1st 97.35
Morristown High School 2nd 77.275
Union County High School 3rd 31.5

The Lady Jackets had an all around good meet. They didn’t do so well in some the events, but that is okay. We are improving each meet and that is all that matters. Greenley Goedde won the Balance Beam with a 8.625 tonight. Kristen and Allison improved their scores on each event tonight! Our next meet will be this Saturday February 2nd at Rushville High School for the Rushville Invitational.

1.Allison Hoffman (C)- 8.7
2.Hayley Kottka (UC)- 8.65
3. Ali Sargent (C)- 8.45
4.Autumn Blaes (C)- 8.4 tie
4. Kenzy Lynch (C)- 8.4 tie
5. Delaynee Hall (C)- 8.35 tie
5. Katelyn Burris (C)- 8.35 tie
6. Stevie Rheinhardt (C)-8.325

1.Hayley Kottka (UC)- 8.1
2. Ali Sargent (C)- 7.95
3.Allison Hoffman (C)-7.625
4. Katelyn Burris (C)- 7.525
5.Greenley Goedde (M)- 7.275
6. Delaynee Hall (C)-7.2

1. Greenley Goedde (M)-8.625
2. Allison Hoffman (C)-7.875
3. Kenzy Lynch (C)- 7.525
4. Katelyn Burris (C)-7.475
5. Delaynee Hall (C)-6.975
6. Ali Sargent (C)-6.7

1.Allison Hoffman (C)-8.825
2.Katelyn Burris (C)- 8.625
3. Kenzy Lynch (C)-8.375
4. Greenley Goedde (M)-8.325
5. Hayley Kottka (UC)- 8.15
6. Ali Sargent (C)- 8.05

All Around
1.Allison Hoffman (C)-33.025
2. Greenley Goedde (M)- 32.425
3.Katelyn Burris (C)- 31.97
4. Hayley Kottka (UC)- 31.5
5. Ali Sargent (C)- 31.15
6. Delaynee Hall (C)- 30.55