Girls Varsity Gymnastics · Lady Jackets at the Southmont Invitational

  Place Points
Northwestern High School 1st 101.5
Western High School 2nd 94.875
Southmont Senior High School 3rd 89.775
North Montgomery High School 4th 82.9
Crawfordsville High School 5th 82.425
Morristown High School 6th 77.95

The Lady Jackets traveled all the way to Crawfordsville for the Southmont Invitational on Saturday, February 20th. They ended up placing 6th out of 6, but had a couple girls not compete in all 4 events. They did a great job for not getting to practice all week, due to school being closed. Sophomore Oakleigh Goedde placed 4th on Vault, 5th on Bars, 3rd on Beam, and 3rd in the All Around with a 32.30. The Lady Jackets have their last regular season meet at Rushville on Monday February, 22nd at 6pm. They will compete at the Connersville Sectional on Saturday February 27th.

1. Catie S. (NW)-9.3
2. Anna P. (NW)-8.9
3. Mollie H. (NW)-8.5 tie
3. Berkeley W. (W)-8.5 tie
4. Oakliegh G. (M)- 8.4 tie
4. Ella W. (South)- 8.4 tie
5. Anna G. (W)-8.3
6. Maggie Y. (North)-8.2 tie
6. Halle E. (C)- 8.2 tie

1. Catie S. (NW)-9.05
2.Brianna H. (South)-8.175
3.Anna P. (NW)-7.925
4.Molly (W)-7.625
5.Oakleigh G. (M)-7.55
6.Berkeley W. (W)-7.2

1. Catie S. (NW)-8.7
2. Molly (W)-8.25
3. Oakleigh G. (M)-8.2
4. Berleley W. (W)-8.15
5. Halle E. (C)-7.9
6.Mollie H. (NW)- 7.8

1. Catie S. (NW)-9.65
2.Mollie H. (NW)-8.625
3. Anna G. (W)-8.475
4. Berkeley W. (W)-8.4
5. Brianna H. (South)-8.325
6.Anna P. (NW)-8.25

All Around
1. Catie S. (NW)- 36.7
2.Anna P. (NW)-32.825
3.Oakleigh G. (M)-32.3 tie
3.Brianna H. (South)-32.3 tie
4.Berkeley W (W)-32.25
5.Mollie H. (NW)-31.975
6.Halle E. (C)-30.125